A Simple Guide To UFO LED High Bay Lights

What are UFO LED High Bay Lights?

UFO LED High Bay Lights are illuminants that come with a dome-like covering that looks like a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). These have LEDs that can illuminate spaces very brightly. These lights are very efficient and have up to 26,000 lumens. Such types of lights can be perfect substitutes for traditional warehouse lights, as these are more compact and have greater efficiency. These are quickly becoming the top choice for residential and commercial lighting purposes.

Where are these Lights Installed?

UFO LED High Bay Lights can be set up in any area where the illuminants are hung from a height of more than 12 feet. These begin at 6000 Lumens and 50 watts, which offers decent illumination from a height of 12 to 15 feet. These can go as much as 32,000 Lumens and 240 watt. It can work from as much height as 35 feet, in case you have enough of these. Although the light may project to that much distance, it is recommended that the beam angle is narrowed to 60 – 90 degrees. In the initial days, these were mounted in buildings with tall ceilings such as warehouses. These days, however, you can find more of these as decorative pieces in restaurants and retail. These are becoming a part of sophisticated lighting ambience.

UFO LED High Bay Lights – Repair and Maintenance

These lights can last for as long as 100,000 hours. Add to this the fact that these are backed by a warranty of 5 years and are UL certified, and you can be assured that these are lights built to last. These might not need to be serviced for 2 – 4 decades, although that is based on usage. At a stretch, these lights can run for 35 years when used for 8 hours per day and 22 years when used for 12 hours a day. There is a good chance that you will replace these for snazzier illuminants before these actually reach the end of lifespan.

Are Reflectors Needed for UFO LED High Bay Lights?

Actually, reflectors are not a good way to transfer light. At anytime light needs to bounce off a reflector, there is a loss of lumens. Often, there can be a loss of its color spectrum. With each reflection, the light can degrade.

The coming of latest technology ensures that LEDs are set to specific light output angles. It does not need reflectors and can boost energy efficiency and quality of light. Actually, an LED can be designed to project light at an angle of 120, 90 or 60 degrees when it comes to high bay lights. The angle can be as much as 150 degrees wide in other applications. As the LED directly sends light when required, the reflector does not serve any purpose.

When compared to traditional LED light fixtures, UFO LED high bay lights happen to be more efficient and compact in design. These can last for more time, look better and can be transported and mounted with a lot of ease.