A Simple Guide To LED Garden Lights

Garden lighting, also known as landscape lighting, refers to the use of public landscape and private garden outdoor lighting. Mainly from the perspective of night beauty and safety. The properties of LED lights make them especially suitable for outdoor use.

LED yard lights are powered mainly by solar energy and electricity. Because they require less energy, they can be easily powered by solar energy. These types of lights can be connected to the sensor in a way that is activated once the sunlight has gone. Depending on the application, the light can be used as a grid or connected directly to a battery connected to a solar panel. Outdoor LED lights are not only one of the most effective ways to illuminate a garden, but in the future they may be used in all areas where lighting is required.

Electricity is the second major source of power for LED garden lights. Some LED patio lights use electrical equipment such as base, tree mounting, suspension, fixed column, movement and fixation devices. Most of these patio lights use 110v-120v input or 220v-240v alternating current. When users select the LED patio lights, they can choose devices that can be connected to home electrical systems or powered by solar energy. At the same time, there are many different lighting styles available, such as pond lights, spotlights and aisle lights.

Most styles of LED patio lights come with colored or white bulbs, mainly to create different effects in the garden. Although this kind of garden lighting is a relatively new use for light-emitting diodes, compared to traditional halogen or incandescent lighting technology, it is rapidly gaining popularity due to its safety, cheapness and energy-saving advantages.

One of the main advantages of garden lights is that the temperature of the LED patio lights is lower, which means the leaves won’t be damaged by the searing lights. It can also reduce the risk of injury in children or adults from burns.

We have many different LED patio lighting options, such as sidewalk lighting. These are mainly used to highlight the border areas of the flowerbed or the passageways in the garden. This type of LED courtyard light has many different designs, from intricate butterflies to ordinary lanterns. With that in mind, they can offer decorative flourishes to gardens at night and close them during the day. Different parts of the landscape can also be highlighted by using LED courtyard lighting with many different designs.

The availability of colored LED patio lights further expands the range of effects people can achieve. Many colored LED lights designed for gardens include blue, green and red LED. They can be combined strategically to create many different colors. You can also change these lights according to the season to allow certain colors to highlight specific plants or change holiday lighting.

Deck lights are more useful near swimming pools, decks and terraces, as they allow these parts to be enjoyed in the dark or at night. For gardens with waterscape, pond LED lights will notice the beauty of the garden. Using underwater LED pond lights can bring even more spectacular results. potlights can draw attention to favorite areas, such as cherished statues or plants. Use floodlights to illuminate larger areas. In some areas, the more colorful patio lights are gaining popularity as it allows special parts of the garden to stand out.

In addition, LED string lights can be strung along fences or tunnel straps. The lights can also be submerged in a pool or pond, or hidden in bushes or flowers. The lights are used for pool or garden parties and barbecues. LED patio lighting has a number of decorative options to keep your garden alive while ensuring that it is properly and efficiently lit. All in all, LED patio lights, due to their small size, can be used in a variety of innovative ways to add beauty to your garden.

What is the distinguish between LED ceiling lights and LED downlights

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for lighting are also getting higher and higher. The lamps not only have the basic characteristics of lighting, but also need to be decorative, which can set off and improve the decoration taste of the bedroom. LED ceiling lights and LED downlights are indispensable lighting and decorations for home decoration. They are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also have softer light sources and colors. They are essential for building homes.

However, due to the large similarity in appearance between LED ceiling lights and LED downlights, many people may not be able to distinguish.They don’t know what the difference between the two types of lamps is, where to apply them to the home, and what the application effect is. Today, MingHao Lighting will explain the difference between these two types and the different functions.

Simply put, the LED downlight is a type of light that has a more concentrated light than an ordinary lamp. It is generally used for ordinary lighting or auxiliary lighting; The LED ceiling light is a highly concentrated lamp that emits light with a specific target. Mainly used for special lighting, such as emphasizing a place that is very tasteful or very innovative.

We distinguish LED ceiling lights and LED downlights from the following aspects.

  1. From the price point of view, the price of the LED downlight of the same grade is higher than that of the LED ceiling light.

LED downlights generally have three types: large, medium and small. Take LED downlights produced by MingHao Lighting as an example. 3*2W belongs to small downlights, 6*2W and 9*2W belong to medium downlights, and 12*2W belongs to Large downlights.The prices of the three models are different. This difference is not mainly reflected in the size of the product, but by the quality of the LED and the characteristics of the product.LED downlights require power, while LED ceiling lights do not require a power supply and are more convenient to use, so the price of LED ceiling lights will be lower.

  1. From the perspective of light source, LED ceiling light and LED downlight use LED asthe light source. LED has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, and is the most popular light source at this stage.

LED downlight light source effect is mostly astigmatism, the brightness can be laid. The astigmatism effect is generally 120 degrees; the LED ceiling light source is generally concentrated, and the concentrating effect is 30-60 degrees. The embedded LED ceiling light can generally adjust the angle of the light source by 30 degrees, and the angle of the downlight source cannot be adjusted.

The LED downlight has better brightness and can be used directly as a substitute for ordinary lighting; The LED ceiling light may have a better effect as a decoration or embellishment. It is richer in color and more concentrated. In addition, it also has an emphasis and prominence on objects.

  1. The application position of LED ceiling light and LED down light is different.

The LED ceiling light general with a transformer, but also without a transformer.The built-in LED ceiling lights can be mounted in the ceiling. The LED ceiling lights are mainly used for places that need to be emphasized or expressed, such as video walls, paintings, ornaments, etc., which can be used to enhance the effect.

LED downlights are generally installed in the ceiling, and the general ceiling needs to be installed above 150mm. Of course, the downlights are also external. It is a good choice to install a downlight in the area without a ceiling or chandelier, and the light is softer than the LED ceiling light.

Both the embedded LED downlights and the LED ceiling lights have open hole sizes, and the LED ceiling light open hole size is generally smaller than the downlight. In other word, the lamp holder of the LED downlight is larger than the LED ceiling light.

In general, LED downlights have more lighting effects. Therefore, there are many installations in the corridor aisle; the LED ceiling light concentrating effect plays a key role in lighting, and is mostly used for ceilings,background walls and shop key lighting.

When consumers buy LED ceiling lights or LED downlights as decorations, they must understand their purpose. Clearly know where to put them to decorate, so that you can choose the right product to buy.

LED Fountain Lights: The Portrayal of Aquatic Beauty

LED Fountain Lights are an essential element when it comes to displaying the true beauty and charm of fountains. During the daytime, the sunlight reflects upon the water fountain and ends up creating dazzling light effects but the real charisma could only be brought out by highlighting the real scintillation of an aquatic fountain with the use of these lights. It is only possible during the night when the beauty of a fountain can be enhanced and highlighted to give the best appealing effects to viewers. LED lighting helps in creating a light-colour effect and gives life to the water fountain in the absence of sunlight. At Pudisc, we are helping create magic in your life by lightening your ambience and help soothing your mood.

Different Types of Pudisc Fountain Equipment

Ocean LED Light: The Ocean Submersible LED Light is mainly used to enhance lightning effects of the modern architectural fountains and water shows. It is manufactured in stainless steel and brass. It is available in LED White and RGB and saves up to 85% of energy as compared to conventional lighting. Its brass-made body improves thermal conductivity.

LED Fountain Ring: The SEA light-fixture is manufactured in brass and stainless steel and has a slimline design along with a 27W LED circuit which can be controlled through a DMX system. It enhances the light flow intensity and provides longer life and reliability to the aquatic fountain. It is available in LED White and LED RGB and is also IP 68 waterproof certified.

Lake Submersible LED Light: It is manufactured in stainless steel and is designed especially for the modern architectural fountain lights, gardens and ponds along with a high-performance AR-111 type LED light. Its estimated life is much longer than any other fountain light. It comes in RGB color that can be controlled by a DMX controller.

AR-56 Submersible LED Light: It is designed especially for the heavy use of lighting in swimming pools. This light is available in many different variants and ultra-flat models. These submersible lights are an economical solution for installation as these contain the minimal material for flattening the assembly.

Dichroic LEDs: These lights are offered in plastic stamps and brass material. Its lighting is similar to that of a halogen light of around 50W. These lights are preferably used for the lighting of secondary effects in fountains.

Halospot LED Light Fixtures (AR-111 Bulb): These are submersible lights fir LED lamps, having dry niches and are manufactured in brass which is sold in white or RGB variants. These are fitted with Pyrex glass and cannot be destroyed by mechanical collisions. It is also resistant to the temperatures generated by the light.

LED Dichroic Spotlights Crown: It is an economical solution that comes along with great lighting power. Its nozzle is being placed in the central part which helps in optimizing the amount of light reaching the water. It is a composition of three submersible dichroic LED spotlights along with the choice of brass or plastic and is available in white or RGB which provides excellent lighting.


The control over lighting in an architectural fountain is vital to obtain a good artistic competency, low power consumption, and suitable operation. It is very crucial to examine all key features to select the right system. The controlling preferences accessible nowadays have turned lighting into one of the most significant features in every architectural fountain. And we at Pudisc ensure that all the standards are met and Pudisc Fountain Equipment remains one of class in the segment.

Warm White, Natural White or Cold White LED Panel Lights ?

When choosing the best-LED panel light based on the color temperature, we suggest you pick the one that matches your space. There is no need to get 6000K LED panel lights that can easily do with 4000K LED panels. Knowing and choosing the right panels can make all the difference in your space. Which is why you should consider different factors before choosing the temperate of your LED panel lights.

To help you understand better, we have taken three different LED panel lights. The 3000K Warm White, the 4000K Natural White, and the 6000K Cold White. While the adjustable white CCT panels come in 28000K to 65000K range. These lights are set in different Kelivins so you can pick the perfect LED panel light for the space. As different areas or settings call for different temperatures. Making sure you are adding an LED panel light that will bring out the space perfectly.

Warm White: Ideal for bathrooms, bars, libraries, cinemas, casinos, nurseries, townhalls, drugstores, hotels, kitchens, restaurants, theaters, waiting rooms, and saunas.

Natural White: Perfect for pharmacies, car dealerships, doctors office, gym, bike shops, offices, fruits & vegetable stands, industrial plant, sportswear shop, leather goods store, and showrooms.

Cold White: Ideal for workshops, warehouses, surgery rooms, parking garages, repair shos, restoration and painting areas, and dental laboratory.

A Simple Guide To UFO LED High Bay Lights

What are UFO LED High Bay Lights?

UFO LED High Bay Lights are illuminants that come with a dome-like covering that looks like a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). These have LEDs that can illuminate spaces very brightly. These lights are very efficient and have up to 26,000 lumens. Such types of lights can be perfect substitutes for traditional warehouse lights, as these are more compact and have greater efficiency. These are quickly becoming the top choice for residential and commercial lighting purposes.

Where are these Lights Installed?

UFO LED High Bay Lights can be set up in any area where the illuminants are hung from a height of more than 12 feet. These begin at 6000 Lumens and 50 watts, which offers decent illumination from a height of 12 to 15 feet. These can go as much as 32,000 Lumens and 240 watt. It can work from as much height as 35 feet, in case you have enough of these. Although the light may project to that much distance, it is recommended that the beam angle is narrowed to 60 – 90 degrees. In the initial days, these were mounted in buildings with tall ceilings such as warehouses. These days, however, you can find more of these as decorative pieces in restaurants and retail. These are becoming a part of sophisticated lighting ambience.

UFO LED High Bay Lights – Repair and Maintenance

These lights can last for as long as 100,000 hours. Add to this the fact that these are backed by a warranty of 5 years and are UL certified, and you can be assured that these are lights built to last. These might not need to be serviced for 2 – 4 decades, although that is based on usage. At a stretch, these lights can run for 35 years when used for 8 hours per day and 22 years when used for 12 hours a day. There is a good chance that you will replace these for snazzier illuminants before these actually reach the end of lifespan.

Are Reflectors Needed for UFO LED High Bay Lights?

Actually, reflectors are not a good way to transfer light. At anytime light needs to bounce off a reflector, there is a loss of lumens. Often, there can be a loss of its color spectrum. With each reflection, the light can degrade.

The coming of latest technology ensures that LEDs are set to specific light output angles. It does not need reflectors and can boost energy efficiency and quality of light. Actually, an LED can be designed to project light at an angle of 120, 90 or 60 degrees when it comes to high bay lights. The angle can be as much as 150 degrees wide in other applications. As the LED directly sends light when required, the reflector does not serve any purpose.

When compared to traditional LED light fixtures, UFO LED high bay lights happen to be more efficient and compact in design. These can last for more time, look better and can be transported and mounted with a lot of ease.

Advantage and Disadvantage of LED High Bay Lights

LED high bays have many benefits. It is important for prospective buyers to know about both the advantages and disadvantages of LED high bay lights before they consider buying one. This guide will provide you with all the information that you need about LED high bay lights so as to enable you to make an informed decision.

Advantages of LED High Bay Lights

  1. Compatible: The main advantage of LED high bay lights is the fact that they are compatible with all types of fixtures and have been designed with keeping view the daily need of both commercial and domestic buildings.
  2. No UV Radiation: It is remarkable that LED high bay lights do not give out any UV radiation. The LED light is dimmable and it does not emit any EV rays. It is something that sets it apart from traditional lamps which have a hazardous effect on our environment in the long run. LEDs are environment friendly and have no harmful effects.
  3. Increased Life Cycle: Another great advantage of LED high bay lights is the fact that they have a longer life cycle. All types of lights come with a life cycle that is normally represented in terms of the expected number of hours it would be able to work. Now, we know that LED has a better life cycle but the fact is that it has an age which is 50 times of a normal bulb. This means that it is extremely durable and cost effective in the long run.
  4. Saves Electricity: Perhaps, the main reason why people buy LED high bay lights is due to the fact that they save energy. The usage of the lighting helps save energy every time you use it. It also leads to lower electricity bills. The AC bills would also be minimized since the LEDs are a much cooler option as compared to other bulbs as they do not give out heat waves. Hence, the atmosphere would be cooler and it would lead to a reduced consumption of energy by the air-conditioner.


  1. Higher Price: A basic reason why people might shy away from LED high bay lights is due to the fact that they are priced higher as compared to traditional lighting. However, it is only a cost in the short run.
  2. Might Not be Feasible for Certain Situations: LED high bay lights are perfect for common situations but do not meet the lumen requirements of every type of situation. It is nevertheless uncommon for such situations to exist and could only be applicable in unforeseen contingencies.


The advantages of LED high bay lights outweigh the disadvantages. Even though, the lighting might seem more expensive, over the long term, they will provide many cost savings which would make them the affordable choice.

All You Need to Know About LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are gaining popularity rapidly in modern lighting. The use of LED strip lights is not just limited to commercial setting, but it is widely used in both industrial and residential projects. There are various reasons why LED lights are commonly used at an increasing rate. One of the reasons is its efficiency, easy installation, and brightness.

Since LEDs are available in compact packages, they are resistant to shock and water. This makes them robust and durable. It is the reason why you can use it in a wide range of ways.

Are you wondering how you can use LED strip lights? In this post, we have shed light on what are LED strip lights and what are their usage. Have a look!

What Are LED Strip Lights?

In today’s world, LED strip lights are the most flexible solution of lighting. It is a long strip or tape of LED lights that are positioned at intervals. Though the strip is available in different depths and lengths. Such lights are narrow to provide versatility. This makes it easy to be placed in all types of areas, such as wardrobes, near doorways, and banisters.

Types of LED Strips

There are various types of LED strip lights. Here are some of the most commonly used LED strips.

Reasons to Use LED Strip Lights

There are numerous reasons for installing LED strip lights.

  • Dimmable– you can dim the light of LED strip lights with wall dimmers or remote dimmers. This will provide complete control over your LEDs.
  • Water Resistant- this will allow you to use the light safely almost everywhere, like near the swimming pool.
  • Size can be adjusted- LED strip lights are a wonderful lighting solution because you can easily cut it to the size you want.
  • Easy to install- another reason why these lights are great is that can install them without professional help. All you have to do is peel and stick the light onto any surface.
  • Color options- LED strip lights are available in different colors. This makes them perfect lighting solution for different moods, occasions, and events.

What Is the Main Usage of LED Strip Light?

A wonderful thing about the LED strip lights is that these lights use low voltage. Since it is waterproof and durable, it can be used in several places. You can use it around the objects, locations; irrespective whether the objects are straight or flat. They can even be used on different surfaces without the risk of the burning. You can use it to light up the following:

  • Event
  • Stages
  • Walkways
  • Bar counters
  • Wardrobe
  • Garage
  • Display windows
  • Building outlines
  • Signages
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Art displays
  • Hotel corridors

Therefore, when you are looking for quality LED strip lights, Copin is the name to rely on. They have a broad range of LED strip lights that can illuminate any place without any difficulty.

LED Linear Lighting: Turn Your House Into A Modern Style

Before talking about what LED linear lighting is, people need to know what an LED light is. LED stands for light emitting diode. LED lighting is one of the top lighting choices in the whole world. With the ever increasing demand for sustainable methods of using electricity, LED lights, which used to be extremely expensive once, are now quite affordable.

Not only are they affordable, there are many different options, types and models of LED lighting available nowadays! LED garden lighting, LED headlights, LED street lighting, LED panel lights and now LED linear lights.

You may ask how LED lighting is much sustainable than other lighting such as halogen bulbs? The answer is that LED lighting utilises less the amount of energy as a halogen bulb. However it produces twice the amount of bright and white light. Plus, unlike halogen bulbs, LED lighting is extremely long lasting. It can last for 5-10 years or more. Many LED lighting models even have motion sensors attached in them which makes LED lighting more efficient. The motion sensor turns the light on if it detects movement. It dims and turns off when there is no motion detected. LED linear lighting is no less.

What is LED Linear Lighting

LED linear lighting is basically a bunch or group of light emitting diodes packed in one long strip. This type of LED lighting helps light up long spaces such as offices, warehouses, factories, etc. It provides bright light which is directed to every nook and cranny so that everything is visible properly. You can picture LED linear lighting as fluorescent tubes, only that LED linear lighting is twice as long as the florescent tubes.

Why Do People Choose LED Linear Lighting?

  • LED linear lighting is very sleek and attractive looking. If looks are important for you and you want your house to look extremely modern and neat, LED linear lighting is the way to go. Not only do they light up the space adequately, there are tailor made designs of LED linear lighting. All of which are designed to suit your needs and match the aesthetics on your house.
  • LED linear lighting always lights up the whole room even if it is placed in one exact spot. This is because LED linear lighting has directional light. Not only does it provide light to different surfaces. It also provides the most adequate lighting at just one spot where it is placed.
  • LED linear lighting has different colour temperatures. From stark white and bright light to a warm white light, you can change the intensity. You can also choose LED linear lighting according to the different colour temperatures to most suit the place where you want it installed.
  • LED linear lighting is cost and energy efficient. It uses the least amount of energy to light up and produce bright light. Since it uses less energy, that means less electricity and utility bills. The decrease in the electricity bills are even literally noticeable.

Choose LED Linear Lighting and save money, energy and make your house look modern and sleek.

How to Choose LED Panel Light Supplier

Is it challenging for you to find the right LED Lights for your needs? It is because there are many suppliers out there in the market.  We cannot trust all of them as there are many third-party online stores which give away low-quality LED panel lights. They are spoiling the name of many famous brands and suppliers. You want a supplier who has all the application knowledge and who can help you with the product as well. Below are few factors which will help you in how you can choose the best LED Panel Light Supplier.

Know About Your Application

Once you have made the decision of buying a LED panel light you must know why do want it. In other words, you must know your application. You can search the internet by reading reviews and blogs. It will help you get the knowledge about the product and you will know what suits your requirement. If you are out there in the market and you have done no research at all, you don’t need to worry. You can ask the helpers who work at the store.  They will definitely help and will give you the product that will fulfill your need.

Get to Know Your Supplier

This is one of the major factors that a buyer must keep in their mind. You must know your supplier. As mentioned above, there are many online suppliers who are selling third-party panels and at a very cheaper price. A good supplier is always at the customer’s service. They provide their customers with the best services which are available in the market. They make sure that their customer is not disappointed with their services.

In the end, it depends on the company and how they treat their clients. Small organizations send their managers to their clients whereas the larger organizations are the ones which work closely with the clients. It is recommended to establish a good relationship with your supplier apart from your work as you can get to know them more which makes your work relation strong.

Know The Minor Details

Now, that you know your supplier and your requirements, you must be aware of the minor details about lights before checking out the stores. You should know what type of lights do you want. You should have the idea of the prices of the lights. In addition to this, you should keep the color temperature in your mind. If you know the application, you must know the power of the lights required for your environment.

You do not need to worry about the prices. They are costly but there is a reason behind it. It is the advanced technology that they use in the making of a LED panel light. Keep in your mind that the quality of a LED light also affects its price.

If you are willing to buy LED lights at a very reasonable price, go and check out the Loevet. They offer the best-LED lights at economical rates.

LED Panel Lights For Your Shop

LED technology has been around for quite some time. The LED panel lights are a much more recent development and they are taking the market with a storm. LED light panels have been rated to be one of the best LED technologies to exist. It replaces fluorescent lighting. It provides bright high-quality light, uses less electricity and hence, results in lower-cost bills.

The construction and design of LED panel lights for shops is done in such a way which illuminates the whole room. The light manages to reach every nook and cranny. The LED panel lights are framed with aluminum to prevent excess energy from being wasted. LED panel lights generally also contain a heat sink system. Light emitted from the LED panel light is soft and isn’t too hard on the eyes. Fluorescent lights often take a few minutes to light up and they are accompanied with a humming sound. That is not the case with LED panel lights. They light up instantly without any humming or electrical flickering.

LED light panels use about 6 watts of electricity to produce light double the quality than fluorescent lights which tend to use more electricity. They even have a long life span and can last for more than 10 years or so. LED panel lights also do no tend to overheat.

There are many sizes that LED panel lights come in. However, when choosing LED panel lights for shops, it is suggested to use the size 600×600 which covers a block of the ceiling. You can get more and connect them. Using LED panel lights for shops is an excellent idea. Depending on the size of the shop and the number of LED panels in the ceiling, visibility will never be a problem. This is because LED panel lights provide bright white light. And the major advantage is that for such bright high-quality light, the electricity being used is less. So it is energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

Here are a few options for LED panel lights for shops:

  • Enegitech LED Troffer Panel Light. It provides 7200 lumens of light and its life span is 50,000 hours. It has a simple and decent design and it can be easily installed without any hassle. It doesn’t emit any noise or flickers. Plus, the price is very reasonable.
  • FiveStar Light Metal Frame LED Panel Light. This LED panel light is recyclable and the UV/infra-red emission of rays is very low. It provides 8000 lumens of light and is dimmable. This is a great option as an LED panel light for shops with a 2×4 ceiling.
  • LTMATE LED panel light. This light has a lifetime of 45,000 hours and is very easy to install. It is easily dimmable. It can also be used as a ceiling drop.
  • LED REPUBLIC UL LED 2-Pack. This light is environmental friendly. It has a 120 beam angle with and saves up to 80% of light. Easy to install and easy to use.

LED panel lights are the best option for your shop. Spending on LED panel lights for shops is an investment.

A Comparison of Square and Round LED Panel Lights

If you are planning to switch to LED panel lights at your home or office, you will have different shapes and sizes to choose from. Most commonly, you will have to choose between a square or round LED light panel. While some people can make the decision quite easily, others will be pickier.

Typically, you should choose a shape that looks aesthetic in the setting they will be used. However, when reviewing a LED panel light square vs round, you will come across certain technical differences. These differences can impact the functionality of the panel within certain settings.

In this post, we compare a square and round LED light to learn which is better in what kind of setting.

Square LED Light Panel

Many people like the square design in LED panel lights because of its sleekness. Most indoor settings will easily accommodate the square shape. The square shape also happens to give a professional vibe so it is commonly seen in commercial indoor settings. Many residential settings will also use the square LED panel because when it is really difficult to decide on the right shape, the square ones work just fine.

As far as color of the lights is concerned, most square LED panels in the market come in white light. The consumer can choose among a warm white, natural white, and cold white.

Round LED Light Panel

Those who would like to be a bit more creative with their lighting will prefer choosing the round LED light panels. This shape is versatile, easy to install, and convenient to manage. The shape is perfect for installation in areas that require constant but low-maintenance illumination. For example, industrial building. One can choose from different dimensions but all round LED panels have an optical lighting angle. This ensures that the light is thrown evenly and widely. A variety of color options is available as well.

Comparison of Square and Round Shape

If we review LED panel light square vs round, it is noticeable that the square or flat panels have more luminous efficacy as compared to the round shapes. However, on average, the round panel will still provide more efficacy than the LED bulbs.

On another note, the round LED panels are more suitable for indoor settings. Installing them outdoors will make them vulnerable to moisture. The dampness can destroy the inner circuits.

So what should be your final decision? Now that we have reviewed LED panel light square vs round, you should know that the luminous efficacy and location for the panel are factors you should consider before making a final decision.

Aesthetic reasons apart, make sure that a certain shape and size will be suitable for a specific setting. Areas that require more lighting should have square LED panels. For areas that are not cleaned and maintained every day should have round LED panels as they can sustain low maintenance.

For more details on this matter, you should consider the advice of both a lighting technician and interior designer.

The Advantages Of All in One Solar Street Lights

Nowadays, increasing concern about environmental issues have attracted the attention of various parties. With the country’s strong support for green energy, the development of the all in one solar street light industry can be described as a success.

All in one solar street light is now a very popular street light product. There are also many companies or individuals who call us every day for consultation. However, everyone seems to be concerned about whether all in one solar street light is good or not, popular or not, but do not know much about its advantages.

In modern society, all in one solar street lights have been used extensively, bringing great convenience to people’s night trips and life. There are many kinds of solar street lights, of which all in one solar street lights are a kind of concern. The popularity of all in one solar street lighting lies in its many advantages.

Solar energy is inexhaustible, and solar street lights that use solar energy as their main energy source have energy-saving and non-polluting characteristics that allow people to choosing feel comfortable. Not only does it produce no pollution, but it also does not show noise and radiation, and it can satisfy people’s various needs.

Another great advantage of all in one solar street lights is that they have high safety performance and will not cause accidents such as electric shocks and fires, making people’s lives more secure.
All in one solar street lights are also quite long in service life. It uses a high-tech intelligent control system to autonomously detect the operation of the entire system. When the battery is feed, it will automatically reduce the operating power, thereby reducing the damage to the battery caused by the feed, the product has a reliable and durable features, thus giving users a very high performance.
In addition, the all in one solar street lights also have the characteristics of easy installation. During the installation process, there is no need to wire or dig in the construction, which will bring great convenience to users. The investment cost of all in one solar street light is also relatively small, and the user can enjoy long-term investment only one-time investment, and the cost of one-time investment is better than the cost of AC power.

All in one solar street lights with many advantages reflected, it is a solar street light worthy of everyone’s choice. When purchasing solar street lights, we must go to regular solar street light manufacturers to buy, but also choose a brand solar street lighting products, so that they can get the greatest guarantee in the use of performance and quality, thus reducing themselves a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The common problems in manufacturing LED panel light

The common problems in manufacturing LED panel light

LED panel lights have the features of environmental protection, energy-saving and so on. However, this article will tell you the four common problems of LED panel light may occurred.

Sealing failure

Wrong sealing design or manufacturing of LED panel light will cause the components with a short life span. The cover material is epoxy resin, which performance will decrease along with LED panel light working hour,  affect the service life of LED panel light and other problem such as refraction efficiency, light transmittance, hardness, expansion coefficient, gas leakage, water leakage, filler function etc.

Chip failure

Poor quality LED chip is failure for the reason of itself or other, because some LED panel light manufacturer is manufacturing LED panel lighting products with poor quality cheap chip.

Electrical stress failure

Electrical stress failure refers to LED light source utilize ( EOS) electrical over stress or (ESD) electrostatic discharge, which cause short circuit in chip and electrical over stress failure.

Thermal stress failure

Temperature is an important role which will affect the optical feature of LED chip, because when LED system keep a steady thermal resistance, if cover solder joint temperature increases, the junction temperature will rise too, then the LED chip will be failure in advance.


Deep understanding for back lit LED panel light and side lit LED panel light

There is a saying,  LED panel light is the mainstream of interior lighting in the future. It is no doubt LED panel lights have their special advantages, with uniformity lighting, soft warm light and  beautiful simple design, and the LED panel lights are popular in some western countries, and these countries also admit the LED panel light is the best lighting product. In terms of the features of lighting, LED panel light is superior than the traditional grille light, with manufacturing materials’ price decreasing constantly,  LED panel lights’ price will be down too.

Today, let’s realize the difference between back lit LED panel light and side lit LED panel light.


Thickness represents the fashion of LED panel lights, so the side lit LED panel light with ultra thin design is the latest fashion in lighting world, as the back lit LED panel lights are thicker. I am curious what determines the thickness of LED panel light, what about you?  Lighting usage of LED panel lights determines the thickness of LED panel light. The back lit LED panel light use light from LED chip directly through the diffusion plate, and the light source of side lit LED panel light arrange across from the diffusion plate.


What are the difference between side lit LED panel light and back lit LED panel light in brightness? Which one is brighter? In terms of the feature of LED lighting, the brightness play an important role. The back lit LED panel  lights have advantages in brightness and lighting efficiency, can achieve 4200Lm brightness easily, but the side lit LED panel lights output the light by kinds of action of refraction and reflection, through guide light plate, reflection dot mesh and reflection plate etc. So we can see, back lit LED panel light will have a better lighting efficiency than side lit LED panel light, without light failure.

In addition to the brightness, people are also concerned about the quality of light, which directly influence their comfort and health, so the quality of light is the key factor to evaluate a quality LED panel light. The color temperature of LED panel light on the market generally close to blue color, and color rendering index is about 80.


Heat dissipation is a common problem for LED lamp, especial for higher power LED lamp, because the high power LED lamp cause higher temperature. LED panel lights have bigger surface area , which make sure the lamp can not reach to a high temperature. But it is also necessary to do some measure for cooling.  Using die-casting aluminum material or designing wave shape to increase the cooling area or drilling a hole on the PCB etc.

Anyway, although the LED panel light just exists at a short time, it is popular in public, it is not only a replacement for conventional lamp, but also a lighting lamp combined with all of its special features.

Why do we recommend you use LED panel light as your home lighting?

When the LED panel lights occur on the market, they are beautiful, simple and modern but they are also expensive for ordinary home, so why we still recommend people use  LED panel for home lighting? Since LED panel light has below four significant features:

To recommend LED panel light for its feature of energy-saving and long life span

Some industries make a wonderful idea through using the feature of LED panel lighting – energy-saving and long life span. They offer the free service to replace the traditional lamp with their LED panel light at factory, school or highway (I will use “ factory “to replace “ factory, school, highway” in the next) , and the factory just needs to give the same electricity bills like past to the lighting industry for 5 more years. With the time goes by, many factory find out, the LED lighting can save 60% energy than CFL lamp , the electricity bills for 5 years are more expensive than the price of all of these LED lights, so many of them break their promise and choose to give much money for lighting industry as compensatory payment.

To recommend LED panel light for its simple modern ultra design

Because the LED panel light is combined with small components, so it can be designed as ultra, simple shape, suitable for decoration at dinning room, modern building, such as square shape, round shape and equilateral triangle and so on.

To recommend LED panel light for its features of no mercury

As we all know, the CFL lamp is energy-saving too, with cheaper price than LED panel light, but the dangerous disadvantage of CFL lamp is including mercury, and the CFL lamp body is surrounded by glasses material . But the mercury is poisonous liquid, whether you want to remove or install this CFL lamp, you put yourself in a dangerous occasion, in which you always worry about the glass CFL lamp broken up in front of you, hurt you or leave a little mercury in your room.

To recommend LED panel light for its environmental protection

The LED panel light are manufactured without other failure material or pollutants, which are totally in accordance with the modern green, environment-friendly life.

In my opinion, in terms of all of this features, I think you have enough reasons to consider about replacing your home traditional lamp by these new LED lighting product.

Why can diffusion plate HT80-M improve the light spots of LED panel light?

The light sources of back lit LED panel light are LED chips, there is a distance between LEDs, so it is unavoidable to produce light spot . Lighting industries always take use of the diffusion plate HT80-M to make lamp with uniformity light.

For settling light spot of back lit LED panel lights, why do we choose diffusion plate HT80-M? Let’s look the features of diffusion plate HT80-M.

1. The superior materials of this diffusion plate HT80-M is imported optical level PMMA.

2. High light transmittance up to 82%, high diffusion efficiency up to 92%, using advanced optical design and diffusion material, can adjust the lighting direction, enhance the optical brightness and diffusion effect.

3. One side of diffusion plate is matte, and other side is glossy. You should put the matte side outward when you use it, because three points as below.

a. Glossy side as the lamp surface is easy to fouling.

b. Matte side as the lamp surface is not easy to bruise and scratch.

c. Enhance the light transmitting efficiency(the conclusion of the integrating sphere test)

Application area:

1. Suitable for back lit LED lamp, such as LED tube light, LED grille light etc. If you install it on the LED tube light, the smallest light failure is 10%.

2. Suitable for side lit LED lamp, such as some side lit LED panel light, and this diffusion plates are always used with light guide plate.

why light spots occur on the lamp, how to resolve this problem?

The light source always are several LED chips, but it has a distance between these LED chips, so according to the different lighting intensity on different position of plate, there are some light spots occurring on the plate. It also is an important problem for LED panel light industry, then how to resolve the light spot on the LED pane light ?

1. If you want to settle the problem of light spot, the key technology is to control the luminance uniformity. Generally speaking, in order to enhance the luminance uniformity, the thickness of cavity must be increased for increasing the lighting distance and achieving the best light mixing, but which will make the lamp with a bigger thickness and create larger lighting failure.

2. Using the diffusion plate HT80-M to spread the range of electric light source. The principle is ensuring there are some mixing between the larger diffusion round lighting spot, so that the lamp can achieve uniformity lighting. Therefore, when we talk about how to settle about light spot for back lit light LED panel light, we should consider below three points:

a. To choose a suitable LED chip. Different LED chip form a different light spot on the diffusion plate, so you should try your best to select a LED chip with big lighting angle.

b. The distance between LED chip. In terms of theory, smaller distance between LEDs is better, because smaller distance between LEDs means smaller distance between diffusion plate, but too small distance of LED will cause high power consumption of the whole lamp, thus it is important to choose a suitable distance between LED chip to ensure a suitable power consumption. In other hand, select a right position to put down the LED chip is also important, the common ways to arrange the LED are square, rectangular, equilateral triangle, the principle is to make a smallest mixing area between diffusion light spot on the diffusion plate.

c. The distance between diffusion plate and LED. Smaller distance between diffusion plate and LEDs means less light failure, but it also means LED lighting spot occurring. So the quality direct light LED panel light must meet three requirements of uniformity, no light spot, less light failure.

LED panel lights are changing with society, more beautiful, smaller and with multi-function

The reason Why LED panel light developing so fast:

With the development of society and the enhancement of people’s living standard, the ordinary lighting lamps are already not suitable for the demands of people any more, people begin to pursuing a green environment- friendly life, and the LED panel light meets the consumers’ consumption requirements as well.

Firstly, LED pane light has features of energy-saving and environmental protection, with advantages of high lighting effect and high brightness, when it works, the LED transformation efficiency of electricity and light is 3 or 5 times higher than traditional incandescent lamp, which means the LED panel lights can save 60% energy than the tradition incandescent lamp under the occasion of same brightness effect, of cause, the LED pane light will have a higher brightness than conventional incandescent lamp under the occasion of using same energy. LED panel light lighting technology is a green lighting technology, can manufacture a lighting products without mercury and less failure material as well as no pollution.

secondly, the LED panel light can not only provide lighting, but also increase the beauty of art. LED panel light use the special SMD LED chip as the light source, combining with the light guide plate and diffusion plate, so that LED panel light have a ultra thin design, bringing a kind of beautiful feeling for people and having good lighting effect.

Finally, the LED panel light with features of ultra thin body, complete function of radiation, low temperature and long life span, can be controlled by the controller through the dynamic program, such as to adjust the color temperature and brightness. The LED panel lights do not produce the radiation and flashing, are friendly for people’s eyes, with warm light color, steady performance, low fixing efficiency, high cost-effective, and it is convenient for transport and installation.
Because the superior performance and special features, the LED panel light are accepted by public at a short time. When the LED panel light occurs in the market, the main competitors are T5, T8 grille light mainly using conventional fluorescent light source. But with the time goes by, the price of LED panel light is closer to the traditional grille lights’, LED panel light completely show their competitive ability, are more and more popular with consumers.

The trend of LED panel light

1. Take use of the high efficiency energy-saving light source. For recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting technology, the design of energy saving lighting lamp become the major concern of lamp manufacturers, and the lamp manufacturers also realize an energy saving light source is the first idea to promote high efficiency energy-saving, then the second idea is to design a lamp with high utilization efficiency and great decoration effect according to the size of light source.

2. Development for multi-function and smaller. With the development of compact light source, kinds of new technology and new art join in the electrical application, ballast resistor and other electrical application accessories get smaller, LED panel lights also develop to smaller, more durable and multi-function. In order to accommodate the changeable modern architecture, meet kinds of function requirement and try our best to utilize building space, the lamp develop for combination with kinds of function and kinds of shape.

3. Combination with computer. With the deep researching and application of lamp, electrical ballast resistor is the representative developing for electrical technology, so that there are considerable improvement in application of kinds integrated device and computer controlling to lamp or lighting system, which show at the function of lighting system such as dimming, remote control, light color control and so on.

4. Development for lighting and decoration. LED panel lights are designed with modern scientific technology, combining classical model with modern beauty, to show the modern lighting for public.