LED Fountain Lights: The Portrayal of Aquatic Beauty

LED Fountain Lights are an essential element when it comes to displaying the true beauty and charm of fountains. During the daytime, the sunlight reflects upon the water fountain and ends up creating dazzling light effects but the real charisma could only be brought out by highlighting the real scintillation of an aquatic fountain with the use of these lights. It is only possible during the night when the beauty of a fountain can be enhanced and highlighted to give the best appealing effects to viewers. LED lighting helps in creating a light-colour effect and gives life to the water fountain in the absence of sunlight. At Pudisc, we are helping create magic in your life by lightening your ambience and help soothing your mood.

Different Types of Pudisc Fountain Equipment

Ocean LED Light: The Ocean Submersible LED Light is mainly used to enhance lightning effects of the modern architectural fountains and water shows. It is manufactured in stainless steel and brass. It is available in LED White and RGB and saves up to 85% of energy as compared to conventional lighting. Its brass-made body improves thermal conductivity.

LED Fountain Ring: The SEA light-fixture is manufactured in brass and stainless steel and has a slimline design along with a 27W LED circuit which can be controlled through a DMX system. It enhances the light flow intensity and provides longer life and reliability to the aquatic fountain. It is available in LED White and LED RGB and is also IP 68 waterproof certified.

Lake Submersible LED Light: It is manufactured in stainless steel and is designed especially for the modern architectural fountain lights, gardens and ponds along with a high-performance AR-111 type LED light. Its estimated life is much longer than any other fountain light. It comes in RGB color that can be controlled by a DMX controller.

AR-56 Submersible LED Light: It is designed especially for the heavy use of lighting in swimming pools. This light is available in many different variants and ultra-flat models. These submersible lights are an economical solution for installation as these contain the minimal material for flattening the assembly.

Dichroic LEDs: These lights are offered in plastic stamps and brass material. Its lighting is similar to that of a halogen light of around 50W. These lights are preferably used for the lighting of secondary effects in fountains.

Halospot LED Light Fixtures (AR-111 Bulb): These are submersible lights fir LED lamps, having dry niches and are manufactured in brass which is sold in white or RGB variants. These are fitted with Pyrex glass and cannot be destroyed by mechanical collisions. It is also resistant to the temperatures generated by the light.

LED Dichroic Spotlights Crown: It is an economical solution that comes along with great lighting power. Its nozzle is being placed in the central part which helps in optimizing the amount of light reaching the water. It is a composition of three submersible dichroic LED spotlights along with the choice of brass or plastic and is available in white or RGB which provides excellent lighting.


The control over lighting in an architectural fountain is vital to obtain a good artistic competency, low power consumption, and suitable operation. It is very crucial to examine all key features to select the right system. The controlling preferences accessible nowadays have turned lighting into one of the most significant features in every architectural fountain. And we at Pudisc ensure that all the standards are met and Pudisc Fountain Equipment remains one of class in the segment.