Office Lighting Ideas to Increase Workplace Efficiency

The office is place where we spend most of our time. Workplace efficiency is something that has been studied for a long time since the time of Maslow, Herzberg and more. There is even a motivation theory which was concluded by the great Mayo theory. This theory has set the pipeline running for lighting boosting workplace efficiency. If you are looking for office lighting ideas to increase the workplace efficiency then you have come to the right place. Continue reading this post to learn more
1. Cool Temperature Bulbs Should Be Used
One of the best ways to increase workplace efficiency is by creating a cool ambiance. Cool refers to the cool quality of the light bulb instead of how hot a bulb gets. As a rule of thumb, the lower the number of the bulb color, the warmer the color temperature. A bulb that has a temperature below 3,000 Kelvin is considered to be warm and would have a yellow or red cast. Bulbs that have a temperature of 3,000 and 4,600 are known as cool white. The highest is over 4,600 and are thought of as the coolest color. They are called day lights.
Many studies show that office productivity increases under cooler light. Super cool bulbs are blue-enriched and rated at 17,000 Kelvin which helps improve mental activity significantly and reduces fatigue as well as eye strain. Workers under such light report feeling more alert and happier.
2. Increase Day Lighting
The most effective way to improve workplace efficiency is by increasing the day lighting. It is both healthy and effective. Natural light also reduces the number of sick days as well as employee turnover.
Employees feel that their productivity, memory, mood and concentration improve due to natural lighting. In some cases, natural lighting has also proven to increase creativity levels among employees. If you work in a creative industry then day lighting is vital. Skylights and large office windows create a pleasant workspace which is productive. Resun lighting provides all types of lighting solutions. You can take advantage of available sunlight by using small daylight devices. These reflect the sunlight through reflective tubes and bring the natural light into a space.
3. Consider Smart Lighting
Not every office can take advantage of day lighting since the sun isn’t always shining, especially during the winter. A daylight-sensing control system can be installed in the office to optimize the use of daylight. The device would automatically switch on the office lights when needed and switch them off which also helps reduce the office lighting costs significantly by up to 60 percent. Smart lighting solutions such as the ones offered by Resun lighting can help you manage lighting costs better while improving workplace efficiency at the same time.
4. Remove Annoying Lighting
Every light doesn’t have the same effect on workplace efficiency. There are some lights which actually distract workers or make them feel uncomfortable. This is why such lightings should be removed to boost productivity. Consider getting quiet lights such as the LED bulbs which give out the right amount of light.

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