Solar street lights is promoting the construction of villages

During the rapid urban development, villages construction must also keep pace with the times. Up to now, our impression of many rural areas has been black at night, there is no entertainment, and it is not safe to go out. In order to develop in the countryside, we must first solve the situation that there is no lights on the road during the night, so that even if you can’t live as nightlife as in a city, you can at least meet the basic needs of farmers, such as the little entertainment of dancing, singing etc.

The rural economy is not so good, it is unrealistic to lay large-scale urban power grid in rural areas which will cost a lot of money. Moreover, constructing the grid powered street lights is also a relatively large project. During the installation process, the excavation channels may occupy the farmland and bring economic losses to the farmers. But now, with solar street lights, the drawbacks of the grid powered street lights will no longer be annoying.

Solar street light is a new energy street light, it mainly relies on the sun as an energy source. It charges the battery during the day and automatically lights up at night, which is convenient and environment friendly. In fact, the advantages of solar street lights are far more than this, today let me answer this question for you: What are the advantages of solar street lights compared with ordinary grid powered street lights ?

1. Price
The grid powered street lights need to lay a large number of pipelines, excavation channels, cost a lot of manpower and material, during actual usage it will also generates expensive electricity bills; but solar street lights do not need to lay pipelines, and can also save electricity costs. From the long-term goal, it has a price advantage over ordinary street lamps and is in line with the economic development of the new countryside.

2. Brightness
The illuminance of the 60W solar LED street light is comparable to that of the 250W high pressure sodium lamp, reducing the power used.

3. Temperature
Solar street lamps do not cause high temperatures during use, so that the lamps won’t be black etc., later maintenance is more convenient, and can continue to maintain beautiful appearance, making solar street lamps become decorative objects in rural streets.

4. Life Span
Compared with ordinary street lamps, solar street lamps have a longer life span, solar panels have a lifetime of 20 years, and LED chip has a lifespans of 50,000 hours. Long life span is also a reflection of cost savings.

5. Environmental Protection
Solar street lamps do not contain harmful metals, the spectrum is pure and does not contain infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, it will not cause light pollution and does not cause any harm to the human body. It conforms to the modern theme of green environmental protection.

6. Security
Street lamps that powered by high voltage ac electricity naturally have safety hazards in terms of electricity consumption, but solar street lamps do not have such hidden dangers, and are safer than those grid powered street lights.

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