What Is Far Infrared Light Therapy? A Simple Overview

What is far infrared light therapy and how does it work? Far Infrared, or FIR, is that energy that is visible with the naked eye but cannot be seen with the human eye. It is a broad wavelength of light and the energy that have the greatest ability to penetrate and reach the skin of the body. FIR has been around for years but its role as a therapeutic light source has only recently come to light. Its popularity as a healing method has grown in recent years but its true healing power still remains a mystery.

Far Infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin and actually destroy the cancerous cells in the body. FIR penetrates deep down through the skin because it travels at the speed of sound. It can go through the tissue and actually damage and kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue as well. Because it is so effective, far infrared light has been used as a treatment for some of the most severe medical conditions like skin cancer and other cancers. Far infrared light therapy has even been approved by the FDA as a treatment for some severe diseases including leukemia and bone cancer.

The reason why FIR is so effective in penetrating deep into the skin and attacking the cancerous cells of the body is because it uses no ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. FIR utilizes the same powerful wavelength of light that we use to see far infrared rays and the same powerful light waves that are used in many medical imaging processes. It’s like using a magnifying glass to send a far infrared beam of light directly to the part of the body that needs healing. Because FIR is made up of just a tiny amount of energy, it is able to reach deep into the body tissues without harming the healthy tissue.

Another great benefit of FIR is that it heals at a much faster rate than traditional types of light or other forms of healing. Many types of medical procedures take weeks to heal completely. FIR can be used for healing within hours. Many patients have experienced relief of symptoms and even complete healing of the body within hours of being exposed to a far infrared wave or light therapy session.

Far Infrared Rays have also been shown to increase blood circulation. This means that it reduces the appearance of cellulite, an unsightly condition that many women suffer from due to excess fat buildup in the thighs. Far infrared rays have also been shown to increase energy levels and promote the production of new collagen. As you age your body slowly loses collagen and elastin which are two of the proteins that keep your skin elastic and youthful looking.

In addition to all of these amazing health benefits, there are a few really cool side effects that have been noted as well. One common side effect is a warm sensation that occurs on the scalp and face as a result of the warming properties of the light. Other minor side effects include minor tingling or itching in the areas treated with far infrared light therapy. However, these are minor and it is not dangerous when used as directed and properly administered.